Beyond the Rift v2.0

Good morning to our friends beyond the rift.

It's been a couple years since I released this game, and since then it's been sitting in my brain, churning away, wondering when I'll revisit it. Two years later, I have.

This is v2.0 of Beyond the Rift. What you'll find different:

  • This version is available as a PDF. The previous version remains available as a web app you can run for free from the store page.
  • The PDF has a minimum price of $10, suggested price of $20. (Please pay what you can, a lot of work went into this.)
  • All of the text has been rewritten. Most importantly:
    • The introduction is (I think) much improved
    • The procedures for each event are clearer and more brief
    • There is a proper appendix with the important information and only the important information
    • There is a page that you can use as a quick reference for what cards mean what

I hope you enjoy this new version of what is probably the game I'm most proud of. If you liked this game before, or if you like it better now, the best thing you can do to help is to leave a comment on the game's store page. Not only will this give me a nice boost of self-esteem, but it will tell that the game is worth showing to other people. This has a bigger impact than ratings or reviews, so please take the time to do it if you like the game!


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Aug 12, 2022

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